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Why does ICAO English Language Proficiency (IELP) become important ?

The purpose of the ICAO language proficiency requirements is to ensure that the language proficiency of pilots and air traffic controllers is sufficient to reduce miscommunication as much as possible and to allow pilots and controllers to recognize and solve potential miscommunication when it does occur. In short, language should be a tool to identify and help solve a potential problem before it becomes a disaster, rather than being one more attention-demanding obstacle. Rather than language playing a contributing role, the objective of ICAO language proficiency requirements is for language to play a problem-alleviating or problem-avoiding role.

The ICAO language proficiency requirements cannot completely eliminate all sources of miscommunication in radiotelephony communications. Rather, the goal is to ensure, as far as possible, that all speakers have sufficient language proficiency to handle non-routine situations. It is unlikely that communication errors will ever be completely eliminated; however, compliance with the ICAO language proficiency requirements will enable speakers to more readily recognize errors and work towards the successful and safe resolution of misunderstandings.

Safety experts are constantly seeking to identify means of improving safety in order to reduce the already low accident rates. With mechanical failures featuring less prominently in aircraft accidents, more attention has been focused in recent years on human factors that contribute to accidents. Communication is one human element that is receiving renewed attention.

In 1998, the ICAO Assembly, taking note of several accidents and incidents where the language proficiency of pilots and air traffic controllers were causal or contributory factors, formulated Assembly Resolution A32-16 in which the ICAO Council was urged to direct the Air Navigation Commission to consider, with a high level of priority, the matter of English language proficiency and to complete the task of strengthening the relevant provisions of Annexes 1 and 10, with a view to obligating Contracting States to take steps to ensure that air traffic control personnel and flight crews involved in flight operations in airspace where the use of the English language is required are proficient in conducting and comprehending radiotelephony communications in the English language.

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